ABC News Anchor Closes Chris Christie’s False January 6 Equivalence

ABC news

ABC news

ABC News host David Muir pushed back on Tuesday when… one-time Trump ally Chris Christie tried to equalize battle for the results of the 2000 presidential election with Donald Trump’s attempt to undo President Joe Biden’s election victory.

During a break in the committee hearing on Tuesday afternoon, January 6, which… emotional testimonials from election officials and workers of the state outlining how Trump was ruining their lives, Muir turned to Christie for response and analysis.

Christie, now an ABC News employee who has: has repeatedly exposed Trump’s “manipulated” election liesbegan by reiterating his belief that Trump’s legal team was a “national disgrace”, adding that Tuesday’s testimony showed he was “exactly right” in that assessment.

After praising Republican Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers for: refuse to do something illegal in support of Trump’s bid to overturn the election, Christie said Tuesday’s hearing contained “powerful testimony” that he hopes will be widely seen by American voters. At the time, Muir noted that Republicans across the country are currently pushing election denial into their campaigns.

‘Tragic Parody’: Jan 6 Committee Details How Trump Ruined Election Officials’ Lives

“In fact, there are Republican candidates in Texas who say that President Biden is not the legitimate president, that he is the acting president,” the president said. World news tonight host listed, referring to: the newest official platform of the Texas GOP.

However, according to Christie, this was a two-pronged problem, going “all the way back to 2000” and the dispute over the Florida presidential election recount, which eventually went to the United States Supreme Court. (By a 5-4 majority, the court granted George W. Bush’s request to stay the Florida Supreme Court decision and stop the recount.)

“You had supporters of Al Gore, who even after Vice President Gore conceded the election and certified it as Senate president himself, refused to accept George W. Bush as legitimate,” Christie stated. “You’ve heard Hillary Clinton say she still doesn’t accept the 2016 results as legitimate. This is a dangerous thing in this country that has been taken to a new level in 2020.”

Muir cut off the former New Jersey governor and shot back, “I have to interrupt you there, because you also know, Governor, that Al Gore stood for the nation and actually gave in and did something very different from what we witnessed. This is quite different.”

Christie claimed he was not talking about Gore himself, but only about his supporters, claiming that many of them “didn’t believe George W. Bush was legit.” In addition, he noted that there were Democrats who voted against Bush’s election certification in the House of Representatives.

“What I’m saying is that this is a disturbing trend and pattern that has increased in intensity from 2000 to 2016, now to 2020,” he continued.

However, Muir closed his conversation with Christie by suggesting that the former GOP presidential candidate had offered a false equivalence.

“I understand what you’re saying,” the anchor concluded. “I just don’t want our public to think I’m not aware that there’s no real equality here when you have a former president casting doubt on this particular election.”

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