Kate Middleton Wears The Vampire’s Wife In New Royal Portrait

One of Kate Middleton’s favorite dresses will live on forever.

The first-ever joint portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was unveiled today at a museum in Cambridge, England – and the Duchess chose a signature outfit with a twist for the historic artwork.

Dressed in the glittering green dress from The Vampire’s Wife ($1.955) that she previously wore to the Guinness Storehouse in March 2020, Middleton stares into the distance as she wraps an arm around Prince William at the glamorous painting.

Kate Middleton and Prince William
A new portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was unveiled today, with the Duchess choosing the vampire woman’s dress and some meaningful jewelry.
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She gave the old fit a new look with some glittering accessories, including a major loan from the Queen who has a special bond with Cambridge.

According to royal blog the court jeweler, the brooch attached to Middleton’s dress in the painting is actually called “The Duchess of Cambridge’s Brooch”.

Kate Middleton painting
The Duchess examines the new portrait that hangs today in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.
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The pearl-and-diamond piece dates from the late 1800s and Princess Augusta of Hesse-Kassel, who at the time was married to the Duke of Cambridge, Prince Adolphus. Since then, it has been worn by generations of royal women, including the current Duchess of Cambridge.

She chose two other key pieces for her portrait: she wore Princess Diana’s beaded collingwood earrings and a three-strand pearl bracelet, both of which Middleton has worn on previous occasions.

Jamie Coreth
Artist Jamie Coreth poses with his painting of the Cambridges, which he called “the most extraordinary privilege of my life” in a statement.
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The 40-year-old royal made another fashion statement wearing the crystal buckle Manolo Blahnik pumps ($995) made famous by Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City” for her portrait, choosing an emerald green shade to match her shimmering dress.

Vampire Woman Dress
The Vampire’s Wife

The piece, painted by award-winning artist Jamie Coreth, will hang in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge before moving on to other locations, including the National Portrait Gallery in London in 2023.

To view the special new painting today, Middleton once again wore a pink, purple and blue pattern LK Bennett Dress ($540) she wore to an event in 2015 – although the exact color is no longer sold, it is now available in both a blue and peach version.

She capped the dress with a light blue coat and added blue-gray accessories for the occasion, with yet another color from her favorite Emmy London “Rebecca” Heels ($415) and the matching clutch ($370).

Kate Middleton and Prince William
The Duchess looked pretty in pastels to view the extraordinary portrait.
PA images via Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess are visiting a number of places in the Cambridge area today, including East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) as part of Children’s Hospices Week in the UK.

Middleton – who serves as ECH’s royal patron – rolled up her sleeves and donned a floral-print mask while dealing with children, participating in some painting activities and speaking with patients’ families.

Kate Middleton and a young girl
The Duchess had her hand painted by a young girl, Willow Bamber, at EACH’s Milton facility.
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From looking at a painting of himself to holding a brush, Middleton has had a whole day.

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