Drake defends his short private jet flights – saying the plane was empty | Climate crisis

Drake, the rapper, has attempted to defend his use of a large private jet for a series of flights lasting less than 20 minutes – by revealing that the plane was being moved to a storage facility with no passengers on board.

The Canadian music star and several other celebrities, including the socialite and business owner Kylie Jennerhave recently been attacked online for using their private jets for short trips that could easily be taken by car or public transport.

In the past six weeks, Drake’s personal Boeing 767 has a seven minutes flight, a 12 minutes flight and a 14 minutes flight, all between Toronto and nearby Hamilton.

The 14 minute journey burned through 426 gallons of fuel and produced four tons of carbon emissions, which is the same as the total annual carbon footprint of an average personaccording to Celebrity Jets, an automated Twitter account that tracks the private flights of the rich and famous.

Comment on Instagram against criticism of these flights, Drake wrote, “These are just those planes that move planes to the airport where they are stored for anyone interested in logistics… nobody is taking that flight.”

While several Drake fans responded with support, arguing that celebrities often move their planes for convenience, others pointed out that the pollution from the flight was even more pointless since it wasn’t carrying anyone.

A reply to Drake was, “OK, but that’s worse, you don’t understand how that’s worse?”

Drake shows off his private plane.
Drake shows off his private plane. Photo: Instagram

Private jets contribute in a relatively small but significant way to the climate crisis, emissions more than 33 million tons of greenhouse gasesmore than the country of Denmark, every year.

Because they carry so few people, they are five to 14 times more polluting per passenger than commercial airplanes and 50 times more polluting than trains. researchers have found.

Drake’s empty flights will have been even more carbon-intensive, given the lack of people on board.

“Drake lives in his own meme when he thinks an empty private jet flight is better than a wasteful flight with a celebrity on board,” said Scott Hochberg, a transportation attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity.

“This is a great example of wasteful carbon emissions leading to even more wasteful carbon emissions. These egregious flights cause climate-heating pollution throughout their journey, from the taxiing on the runway to the ground vehicles operating the plane.

“Ultra-short, non-essential flying only magnifies the climate impacts of the trip and we hope celebrities will wake up to the damaging impact of their frivolous flies.”

Drake’s climate impact is greater than many other private jet celebrities due to the sheer size of his personal plane. The $185 million Boeing 767, dubbed “Air Drake,” typically accommodates hundreds of people for commercial flights, but has been customized to suit the rapper’s own tastes.

Drake proudly showed the renewal of his jet in a video put online three years agoshowing the aircraft with leather armchairs, luxurious bathrooms and a full kitchen.

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