More than 12,000 Christians condemned Marjorie Taylor Greene’s embrace of Christian nationalism

NEWARK, OH - APRIL 30: Rep.  Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) speaks at a campaign rally for JD Vance, a Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Ohio, at The Trout Club on April 30, 2022 in Newark, Ohio.  Former President Donald Trump recently endorsed JD Vance in the Ohio Republican Senate primary, boosting his profile as he progresses to the May 3 primary.  Other candidates in the Republican Senate primary field include Josh Mandel, Mike Gibbons, Jane Timken, Matt Dolan and Mark Pukita.  (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

GOP Ohio Senate Candidate JD Vance Campaigns with Representatives Gaetz and GreeneDrew Angerer / Getty Images

  • More than 12,000 Christians signed a petition condemning Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s embrace of Christian nationalism.

  • “Christian nationalism is unchristian and unpatriotic,” says the petition, dismissing it as a political ideology.

  • Greene has repeatedly insisted that the Republican party is a Christian nationalism.

A faith-based organization has gathered more than 12,000 signatures denouncing Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s embrace of Christian nationalism, calling the idea “unchristian and unpatriotic.”

Faithful America, an online Christian community working to promote progressive ideas and social justice, launched a online petition on Thursday Greene’s Perspective on Faith and Condemning Politics.

“Christian nationalism is unchristian and unpatriotic,” says the petition, which had 12.00 signatures on Sunday. “It is defined not as a religion, but as a political ideology that unconstitutionally and unbiblically fuses Christian and American identities, declaring that democracy doesn’t matter because only conservative Christians are true Americans.”

Last week, Greene argued for the Republican party to be a Christian nationalism.

“We should be the party of nationalism and I am a Christian, and I say it with pride, we should be Christian nationalists,” Greene said in a recent interview.

Christian nationalism is defined as “the belief that the American nation is defined by Christianity, and that the government must take active steps to keep it that way.” Christianity today.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger compared Greene’s comments to the “American Taliban.”

“There is no difference between this and the Taliban. We must resist” [sic] the Christian Taliban. I say this as a Christian,” Kinzinger tweeted Friday.

A Secretary of Oregon also criticized the Georgian legislature for pushing Christian nationalism in its political remarks, calling it “a racist ideology incompatible with Christianity.”

“Jesus was for the whole world, not for one nation,” tweeted Secretary Rev. Chuck Currie. “Beware of false teachers like Greene. She dances with the devil.’

The Faithful America petition accused Greene and Christian nationalist leaders of worshiping “the false idol of power with the ultimate goal of seizing all authority for themselves and those like them.”

“Time and time again, Rep. Greene has shown that he is an anti-Semitic white supremacist who opposes religious freedom for all but herself and her fellow right-wing Christians,” Faithful America said in a statement.

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