Missouri Republicans are putting ads for attacks on their own Senate candidate, Eric Greitens, who was accused of assaulting his wife and blackmailing his mistress. Trump called him “smart” and “tough.”

Eric Greitens with megaphone

Former Missouri governor Eric Greitens, who stepped down in 2018, is attempting a political comeback with a run for the US Senate.Michael Thomas/Getty Images

  • Top GOP Donors Invest in Attack Ads Against Republican Senate Candidate Eric Greitens, The hill reported.

  • Greitens wants Trump’s approval and has the former president’s future daughter-in-law on his campaign team.

  • The candidate resigned as governor of Missouri in 2018 after facing a blackmail charge from his mistress.

Top Republican donors are investing in attack ads targeting Trump-adjacent GOP Missouri Senate candidate Eric Greitens in a bid to secure the nomination for a less controversial Republican candidate, The hill reported.

The ads — sponsored by an anti-Greitens super PAC that has raised nearly $8 million since it was founded last month – focus on Greitens’ history of domestic violence allegations and criminal charges related to blackmailing his mistress.

Donors to the PAC, called Show Me Values, include Pete Ricketts, the governor of Nebraska who called Trump a “RINO,as well as Rex Sinquefield, Missouri’s most prolific Republican donor.

Greitens was governor of Missouri before seeking a Senate seat. He resigned from the governorship in 2018 after facing felony charges for threatening to release nude photos he took of his mistress if she revealed their relationship.

While Trump hasn’t approved anyone in the race yet, he has praised Greitens as: ‘smart’ and ‘tough’. Linking the candidate to the former president is his Senate campaign national co-chair: Trump’s future daughter-in-law, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

The impact of Trump’s approval in this year’s Republican primaries was: questioned by some political analysts after the losses of David Perdue from Georgia, Charles Herbster of Nebraska, and Janice McGeachin from Idaho. Other Trump-approved candidates, including: Mehmet Ozo and Herschel Walkerhave gone on to win their respective primary races.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Representative Vicky Hartzler will face Greitens in the August 2 Republican primary.

Despite Greitens Schmitt with 6 points ahead in polls prior to the release of the ads last month, his lead has dwindled to find him behind the attorney general with 17 points starting this week. The hill reported Gretens’ drop in polls is partly attributed to allegations his soon-to-be ex-wife made earlier this spring after she testified under oath that he physically assaulted her and their three-year-old son.

For his part, Greitens denies the allegations, calling them “lies.” His campaign did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

“This is what we hear from a lot of people who have watched President Trump be falsely attacked over and over again, they have seen me being falsely attacked,” The hill reported Greitens told reporters in Kansas City on Monday. “A lot of these basic patriots are standing up and they are much more determined to fight for me.”

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