A private Scottish island with a lighthouse and a 5-bedroom house for sale for less than the average house in America. Look.

Pladda Island

This entire Scottish island can be yours for less than $450,000.Knight Frank

  • Pladda Island, a private island with its own lighthouse, just hit the market for $426,267.

  • It consists of nearly 28 acres of land and features a five-bedroom house.

  • There is also a 2.5 acre garden, as well as a helipad and stone jetty for boat transportation.

This entire Scottish island can be yours for less than $450,000.

Pladda Island

Pladda Island is located near the Isle of Arran in Scotland.Knight Frank

Pladda Island, a private island with its own lighthouse, has just been put on the market for £350,000, or about $426,267.

The property, listed by Knight Frankis less than a mile from the Isle of Arran.

Pladda Island consists of almost 28 hectares of land.

Pladda Island

The private island has just been put on the market for $426,267.Knight Frank

It is located 50 kilometers from Glasgow.

There is a lighthouse on the island, which was first installed in 1790.

Pladda Island

The island has its own lighthouse, which is now monitored remotely.Knight Frank

It was fully automated in the 1990s and is now remotely controlled by the Northern Lighthouse Boards Headquarters, located in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The traditional lantern and lens have been replaced with solar-powered LED lighting at the top of the tower, a Knight Frank spokesperson told Insider.

The island comes with a five bedroom house.

Pladda Island

The house has two living rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen.Knight Frank

The former lighthouse keeper’s house also includes two living rooms and a bathroom, as well as a kitchen and a freezer room.

The Knight Frank listing states that the house has not been used in recent years and is in need of ‘upgrading’.

There is also a couple of modern outbuildings on the property.

House on the Pladda Island

In the outbuildings you will find another bedroom, kitchen and living room.Knight Frank

The outbuildings have another bedroom, kitchen, living room and shower room.

There are also additional outbuildings currently used for storage which are listed as having “development potential”.

Within the island is a walled garden that spans 2.5 acres.

Pladda Island

The garden features high stone walls.Knight Frank

The garden, with high stone walls, was formerly used to grow fruit and vegetables for the former lighthouse keeper.

Pladda Island is only accessible by boat or helicopter.

Pladda Island

The island also has a helipad.Knight Frank

It features a stone jetty and a helipad.

The island is an important breeding and stopping place for many migratory seabirds.

Pladda Island

The island has a lot of lush landscape.Knight Frank

According to Knight Frank, more than 100 bird species have been recorded on the island of Pladda.

Successful breeding colonies include Arctic terns, turnstones, cormorants and a variety of gull species.

You will see beautiful views of the south coast of Arran and Northern Ireland.

Pladda Island

More than 100 bird species have been recorded on the island of Pladda.Knight Frank

Kildonan, the nearest village to Arran, has a village shop, post office, campsite and hotel.

Nearby Arran offers spectacular scenery and plenty of outdoor activities.

Pladda Island

The island overlooks the south coast of Arran and Northern Ireland.Knight Frank

Fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, sailing, golfing, walking and diving are all available on Arran if you want to change things up from the secluded life on Pladda.

And the surrounding sea is full of dolphin pods.

Pladda Island

You can spot otters and sharks from the island.Knight Frank

You will also be able to spot large basking sharks, otters and sometimes even a colony of seals.

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